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“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

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I am a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as well as a Ballet teacher and Divemaster, always looking for new ways to help people feel good in their minds and bodies.

I’m passionate about implementing self-care in my life as I’m convinced that taking of ourselves first will help us help others better. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2014 and I’m really impressed how it changed my life completely. It has created more awareness in my daily life and has helped me make big decisions that have led me to where I am today.

Try out some of my classes for free!!!

Try this Short Yoga Practice class and check out my Youtube channel for more free content!!!!

My Classes

marion yoga
Pack Yoga and Pilates for one month: 
one video each of Yoga and Pilates per week
Pilates inspired classes for one month:
one video per week
Playlist 6
Yoga classes for one month:
one video per week

My Health Coaching in Integrative Nutrition Program

A massive part of my life is to implement self-care into my daily life as a way to feel good
in my body and in my mind. My goal is to help you do the same through my coaching program.

Other projects


I’ve been working with students from beginners to more experienced practitioners in my own studio for six years. Being passionate about helping people feel their best in their bodies, my goal is to offer online Yoga and Pilates inspired classes to help people get in shape while taking time for themselves. I always do my best to focus on the wellbeing of the students by giving tips to find the correct alignment for a safe practice.

What do I offer?

The classes I offer are adapted to all levels from beginners to more experienced students.

How it works:

The classes are in english or in French. You will get four new videos per month ranging from 20 mins to an hour.

A minimal equipment is needed.

You will need:
-A mat or a soft surface.
-A calm space with enough room to lie down and move the arms and legs.
-Comfortable clothes (socks or bare foot).
-Positive vibes and an open mind

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